Construcții Montaj AG

Construction works

  • Civil and industrial construction
  • Roads and bridges
  • Industrial sites
  • Regularizations and riverbed protections

The company also offers you high-performance machinery and equipment for excavation and transport works.

Ferroconcrete processing

  • Cutting and trimming
  • Caliper production
  • Armature assembly
  • Metalwork

Automatic line for the production of calipers and shaped bars at both ends. Concrete steel processing from bars and castings: 6mm – 40mm

Aggregates and sands

  • Washed
  • Natural (0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-31)
  • Crushed (0-4, 4-8, 8-16, 16-25)
  • Rough stone (70 – 250)
  • Gabion stones > 250

Aggregates and sands for asphalt mixes, mortars and concretes, infrastructure works and industrial platforms.


  • C8/10 – C35/45, BcR
  • Mortars and screeds
  • Production
  • Transport

The company produces concrete, screeds and mortars. It also provides testing services for delivered products, transport and pumping of concrete, admissibility set in reference standards.

Quarry stone

  • Rockfill shore protection 50-250 kg
  • Crushed stone for road foundations 0-63mm , 40-100mm
  • Gabion stone 5-40 kg

The stone resulting from magmatic rock – diorite, according to the results of the determinations, the rock falls into class A, and meets the conditions of admissibility set out in the reference standards.


  • Precasts for masonry
  • Reinforced concrete grates for livestock farms
  • Precasts for bridges and culverts C1, C2, C3, P2, Reinforced girder type J
  • Reinforced pipe 400 mm – 1200 mm
  • Prefabricated tiles

Our services

The company’s main activity according to the corresponding NACE code – 4521 „Construction of buildings and engineering works”

We offer a comprehensive package of products and services in the field of civil and industrial construction for companies, state institutions and individuals.

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